Mile Hi Trucking
Mile Hi Foods Co. is the evolution of a company called Mile Hi Fruit & Vegetable Company. Mile Hi Fruit & Vegetable was founded in 1946 as a supplier of fresh produce to all types of restaurants in the Denver area.

In 1956, the first McDonald's Restaurant was built in Denver on Colorado Blvd. At that time, Mile Hi Foods was only delivering one hundred pound sacks of fresh potatoes for French Fries to one McDonald's restaurant. As time went by McDonald's asked for more items to be supplied by Mile Hi Foods such as syrups, pickles, and shortening. In 1974, Mile Hi Foods Co. was incorporated as a separate business to place more focus on servicing the McDonald's restaurants throughout Colorado.

In 1985, Mile Hi Foods moved into a new facility and became the exclusive distributor for all of the food, paper, and refrigerated items used by McDonald's Restaurants. In addition to the new distribution center, the Taddonio family opened a new "state of the art" bakery, which provides the buns for both Mile Hi Foods distribution area as well as Martin Brower's Salt Lake City distribution area.

Mile Hi Foods now services over three hundred and sixty McDonald's restaurants in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. As a distributor for McDonald's, Mile Hi Foods' eight, state territory covers one of the largest, geographical, distribution areas in the continental United States. Several of the McDonald's restaurants are located over eight hundred miles away from the Distribution Center, which is located in Denver, Colorado. Traveling over four million miles a year requires an extensive, distribution fleet and logistics planning to meet our delivery windows. Mile Hi Foods also creates additional backhaul revenues which help reduce operational costs to the McDonald's System.

Mile Hi Foods' partnership with McDonald's spans over a half a century and continues to be strong by providing quality products and quality service at a great price.